So the first message in my email this morning is this one from RickyDee…


Florida Lobster Mini Season a BUST

Miami, Florida. The normally robust Lobster Mini Season usually sees hundreds, even thousands of enthusiastic fisherman feverishly racing to their favorite lobster hole to catch their limit of the tasty crustacean.

Not so this year. Lobster man and Ad Executive Michael Poller, (a Democrat and one time Obama Supporter) says that due to the lousy economy and un stimulus stimulus plan, he can’t even afford the gas for his car, to get to the docks, where is boat sits rotting.

Newsmen met up with a very angry Mr. Poller. “I can’t believe this shit, in the eight years George Bush was President, I NEVER missed a lobster Mini Season”! I can’t believe I voted for this guy.

Upon hearing of Mr. Poller’s plight, President Obama ordered that all lobsters caught during Mini Season must be shared equally. Upon hearing THIS news, angry lobster men (and women) swore they would NOT share in their hard earned bounty! (Reportedly, they are all cheap/self centered Republicans)

Upon hearing that, President Obama invited all the Lobster men (and women) to the White House for a beer and Clam Bake!

Invitations have been sent out, please RSVP to Press Secretary Gibbs.

And then not five minutes later, HyBoy gets in on the act with his mad PhotoShop skills…

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