Pedal Pub Marketing Outline

Based on our first meeting we at P & J look forward to working with the Pedal Pub Team to grow the Franchise. is currently an empty domain. is a forwarding domain to the Miami section of the main franchisor website. Our first priority must be to create an actual web presence on…

Design and Build Website:
a) Build a Pedal Pub Miami website using basic images and text from the franchisor, ensuring a Miami focus.
b) Ensure mobile-friendly design with an eye toward easily adding future new routes.
c) Teach Danny & Breton the basics of WordPress, so they can take over and maintain your new online real estate.
d) Focus on SEO for Wynwood, with structure in place to easily add future new routes.
Approximately $1750 to $2500

Online Advertising options:
a) Create and Manage a targeted Google ad campaign. This allows us to reach people who are actively searching for competitors, related activities, etc.
b) Create and Manage a targeted Facebook ad campaign. FB allows us to generate high awareness on the right day, among the right demographic and geographic audience.
c) Create and Manage a targeted Instagram ad campaign. Expand reach among a younger demographic group.
d) Create and Manage a targeted YouTube ad campaign. Bring the dynamic nature of PedalPub to life on YouTube.
We recommend a starter budget of approx $600 to test Google and Facebook over a 4-week period.

Conventional Advertising/PR options:
a) Hotel Room TV advertising
b) Flyers/Brochures in Hotel Lobbies
c) Groupon: Note: all group-on customers must agree to post their ride on FB and Instagram.
d) We will work with Bruce Merrin to assist in his PR.
Print, outdoor and

Below are some further ideas to consider.

Additional Income Streams?:
a) Advanced bookings from tourists and organizations.
b) Solicit Organizations to utilize PedalPub for Team Building or just a fun night out.
c) Try driving a route on a Friday/Saturday and offer $5.00 for a ticket to board PedalPub and drop off and pick up later…
d) Offer advertising on PedalPub vehicles.

Partnerships: We should get involved with other businesses to co-promote each other… and consider joining a few.
a) Mike and I belong to several organizations, Elks Lodge, Friends of the Japanese Garden, Magic Clubs, etc. We also have contacts with the Consul General of Japan, City of Miami, Jungle Island and Adrienne Arsht Center, etc. Some of these will let us promote an event to their database. (Perhaps a fundraiser, etc)
Perhaps Danny and Breton could join an organization or two.
b) Southern Florida Concierge Association
c) Greater Miami & the Beaches Convention and Tourist Bureau (Through these two organizations we can offer the Concierge/Bell Captain a Commission for each ticket sold.



Booking software (St. Pete, Santa Barbara, Iowa) (Gainesville, Denver)


This is a basic Booking Calendar plugin we can include on your website. We may need to discuss integrating the Peek online booking system currently used by the Franchisor.