Traditional Media

TV, radio, newspaper. Outdoor, transit, cinema advertising. These “traditional” media still pack a powerful punch. In today’s fragmented media marketplace, they just don’t deliver the mass audience of ten years ago.

miami outdoor billboard

Miami Billboard for Dept of Health, Alliance for Aging

Did you ever notice how every radio station claims to be “number 1?” Using traditional media today requires more knowledge, more experience and an open mind. The media marketplace is more competitive than ever. If you know how to negotiate, there are very good deals to be had in traditional media.

The media plan of 10 years ago looked like an inverted pyramid. You had newspaper, TV, Yellow Pages and radio consuming the bulk of the budget. Today’s media plan looks more like a barbell; Most advertisers still need a mix of traditional media to generate awareness and name recognition, combined with an online component to drive shoppers to your store or site.

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TV commercial filming Miami

Shooting TV commercial in green screen studio