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There is no silver bullet in advertising. But online advertising comes about as close to silver buckshot as anything I’ve ever seen…

Keyword marketing sits low in the funnel, these prospects are looking for a place to buy something. Think about it… When someone searches for “used cars in Miami” chances are, they are interested in purchasing a car, they are not reading car ads for entertainment.

Search terms give you an indication of what people want; they are indicating shopping intent. And if you sell used cars, you really need to be there when they go shopping.

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What do you think this searcher wants?

Higher in the funnel are other online options: Facebook, for example, allows you to specifically target by demographics, probably better than any other advertising medium before it.

They beauty of online media is you can start small, optimize and grow. There’s no need to spend $10,000 your first month when you can allocate $1,000 and learn from it. This learning experience allows you to rank individual keywords and individual ads based on ROI. When you grow the budget, you leave out below-average performing words and ads. It’s an ongoing, constant, process.

The weakness of keyword advertising is that it does nothing to generate awareness or name recognition. If fact, if done right, the name of the store is immaterial. If you have a physical location and want walk-in traffic, you should not rely solely on keyword advertising.

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