Toyota recall Ad

Toyota recall Ad

How much you want to bet a 20-something New York creative team put this ad together? And they probably do not even own cars…

Sorry, in an ad about unintended acceleration the words “temporary” and “pause” are not good choices. And the pause button graphic (yeah, that’s what the dark box with the sideways “=” is supposed to look like) is really just confusing in an auto ad.

Toyota, we do not care why you have stopped your plants. That’s not the issue. We care about our cars and our passenger’s lives. This ad misses the point.

Customers and potential customers are looking for solid facts about this issue. After all, a stuck accelerator could mean a fiery death. Toyota should have run a much more information intensive ad… 1) Address the problem, not the symptom; 2) Tell us what you are going to do to our Toyota vehicles to fix the problem; and 3) Tell us your plans for a timeline to fix the problem.

People are passionate about their vehicles (except New Yorkers, which could explain the crappy ad). We will read hundreds of words about our second largest purchase. So, please explain what “fly-by-wire” is so drivers understand there is no throttle cable going from the gas pedal to the engine. Explain what you’re going to do: are you going to replace the accelerator’s electronic guts? install a new return spring? or shim the existing spring?

Overall, Toyota needs to divulge more info. Toyota should not treat customers and potential customers like we can’t handle the truth. This ad really contains no information, just says visit our website for more information…

A lack of information creates confusion. Confusion does not help your brand. This ad does not help Toyota or Toyota drivers. Fail.

P.S. And by the way, “unintended acceleration” is not the problem. It’s the unintended rapid deceleration that hurts.