Miami Herald reports that the Miami-Dade School Board is getting very close to naming a contractor to run an in-school advertising program on a revenue share basis.

So how does this affect the existing MDPS contract? MDPS RFP 007‐LL10 Third Party Advertisers and Advertising Management Firms from August 2010 awarded nine agencies, including some from Orlando, New York, Palm Beach and Broward, the right to place ads in Miami-Dade schools. This contract appears to be valid through September 2012. Following is the “purpose” statement from the RFP:

The purpose of the Request For Proposals (RFP) is to evaluate and select a pool of qualified and experienced third party advertisers and advertising management firms to provide the services described in the RFP. Qualified firms will enter into agreements with Miami-Dade County Public Schools to purchase advertising space on School Board properties as a means to generate revenues to schools for interscholastic athletics and activities at secondary schools, special programs and activities at the elementary level, and other Miami-Dade County Public schools programs, as well as advertising agreements delineated in School Based Advertising Procedures Guide (Attachment A).
Third party advertisers are defined as agencies whose business it is to secure advertisements to be placed on various types of displays, such as but not limited to, portable indoor scrolling displays, school parking lot bumpers, broadcasting, websites, and billboards.
Advertising management firms are defined as service businesses dedicated to creating, evaluating, planning and handling advertising for its clients.
The agreements between the successful proposers and the Board will be nonexclusive.