Florida politicians stick it to florida ad agenciesVern Buchanan, Florida’s US representative for the 13th congressional district, has reserved a $4 million media buy covering the Tampa Bay market for the 2012 election cycle. Mr. Buchanan, like many politicians, is using an out-of-state ad agency to plan, place, monitor and report his re-election media buy.

Now you would think that a Tampa Bay businessman who owns a large auto dealership group (among other businesses) would probably know the Tampa-area advertising agencies. So the question comes up… why would a Florida congressman choose to stimulate the economy of a distant state instead of stimulating his own local economy, the people he actually represents?

Are the Tampa agencies so bad? I don’t think so… Do the Washington DC-area agencies know the Tampa market better than the local agencies? Absolutely not… This makes no rational sense.

Buchanan would have helped the Tampa-area economy by keeping his campaign local, putting his money where his mouth is. Imagine if a Tampa agency got the work. Let’s assume somebody really busts their hump and come the third week in November, they get a raise for a job well done, and go buy a new car from Buchanan’s shop.

But no. Instead, Florida ad agencies get the finger.

I’m certain Buchanan’s re-election campaign will hypocritically focus on “job creation” even as he ships $4 million worth of business out of state. Unfortunately, I’m certain it happens more often than not all across Florida. So, do you know of any other Florida politicians who are using out-of-state ad agencies or media buying firms? Let me know in the comments.